Tube Roller Mixers

Applications: The Tube Roller Mixers mix samples through the simultaneously rolling action of the tubes and the carried vessels (bottles, test tubes etc.). As the tubes rolling, the vessels are rol..

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Lab Scale Orbital Shakers

Applications: Model AOS-1 and AOS-2 are shakers which provide a smooth orbital shaking action with an orbit of 16mm and speed range of 30 to 300rpm. These lab scale shakers have powerful shaking bu..

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Rotatory Mixers

Applications: The rotatory mixers are designed to mix samples by rotating the samples platform in 360 degree through a single axis. With different platform designs, the mixers generate two types of..

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Vortex Mixer

Applications: Simple, safe, full function and economic are the core of our design philosophy. AVT-501 is designed to meet most of the requirement of many lab users. It is simpler, safe, rugged, a..

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