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Block Heaters Block Heaters Block Heaters Block Heaters
Block Heaters
Brand: A & E Lab
Product Code: ABH-101/102
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Block heater is designed for widely use in Chemical, Biochemical, Clinical and other General Labs for heating, digesting, incubating, concentrating and other heating processes.

There are two models of bock heaters, Analog and digital. The analog types have two temperature range (room temp. To 130ºC) and digital types have higher temperature range (room temp. to 200ºC). There are six different model of the block heaters: ABH-103A (analog); ABH-102A(analog); ABH-102D (digital); ABH-101A (analog); ABH-101 (digital); and ABH-102 (digital, twin control).

The analog control the temperature by proportion and digital control the temperature with advanced PID and giving better uniformity across blocks and much accurate heating.

The digital types come with calibration function. Calibration can be easily set up using 1 to 5 point. After calibration, the display will reflect actual sample tubes or block temperature. The ABH-102 can be separately controlled for the two different blocks.

When ordered the 96x0.2ml block, the two adapters will be added in the order. And 96x0.2ml block can only be used in the three blocks models (ABH-101, ABH-101A).

All of the block heaters come with the block removal tool and thermometer ranging from 0-200ºC.

Technical Specification:

         Model                                                                                        ABH-101A                     ABH-102A               ABH-103A

Temperature Range                                                                                                Room Temperature-130ºC

Control                                                                                                                              Analog

Max. Block Number                                                                                  1                                   2                                3       

Temperature Stability                                                                                                                   +/-0.1ºC

Temperature Maximum Variety Between Identical Blocks @ 50ºC                                             +/-0.2ºC

Power Supply                                                                                                         230V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz

Dimension (mm)                                                                             140x270x110                    220x270x110             275x270x110


Technical Specifications:

Model                                                                                               ABH-101D                           ABH-102D                   ABH-103D

Temperature Range                                                                     RT+10˚C to 200˚C                RT+10˚C to 200˚C         RT+10˚C to 200˚C

Control                                                                                                 Digital                                  Digital                          Digital

Max. Block Number                                                                                1                                            2                                3

Temperature Stability                                                                           ±0.1 ˚C                                  ±0.1 ˚C                      ±0.1 ˚C

Temperature Maximum Variety

between Identical Blocks @ 50 ˚C                                                         ±0.2 ˚C                                    ±0.2 ˚C                  ±0.2 ˚C

Power Supply                                                                                                                   230V, 50 Hz or 110V, 60 Hz

Dimension (mm)                                                                               285X200X105                         305X230X105         305X300X105




Model                                                                                                   ABH-104A                           ABH-104D                  ABH-102

Temperature Range                                                                            RT+10˚C to 130˚C           RT+10˚C to 200˚C      RT+10˚C to 200˚C

Control                                                                                                  Analog                                   Digital                 Digital, Twin Control

Max. Block Number                                                                                  4                                           4                               2

Temperature Stability                                                                           ±0.1 ˚C                                  ±0.1 ˚C                      ±0.1 ˚C

Temperature Maximum Variety

between Identical Blocks @ 50 ˚C                                                         ±0.2 ˚C                               ±0.2 ˚C                      ±0.2 ˚C

Power Supply                                                                                                             230V, 50 Hz or 110V, 60 Hz

Dimension (mm)                                                                          260X360X105                         260X360X105                  305X300X105

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