Digital Stirrer ASS-206
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Digital Stirrer

Heating Control:
•PID control - Accurate, Stable
•Additional external sensors in all digital models - used for monitoring or controlling the solution temperature  
•Temperature calibration capable for external probes (all models) and internal probes (except the ceramic top)
•“Safe sample temp lock” function in hotplate DP models - machines turned off if temperature > 3 ⁰C base on the set temperature.
•Timer - Up to 999 minutes can be set for heating.

Stirring Control:
•Control the speed with sensors - Constant speed, No disengagement of the stir bar, Gradual increase in speed  
•Brushless motors in the dual digital display modes - Independent from the input voltage changes; Constant speed; No disengagement of the stir bar; Gradual increase in speed  
•Step motors in low speed - Gentle; Changing Direction.


ASS-206 Stainless Steel Top Digital Stirrer: 30 X 30 cm top, Stirring from 150 rpm - 1500
rpm, brushless motor. Advantages: No eddy current, very powerful stirring.

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